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    Category 1 : Data processing in the production:
    No data processingData storage for documentationData analysis for process monitoringEvaluation for process planning/controlAutomatic process planning/control
    Category 2: Machine-to-machine Communication:
    No communicationField bus interfacesIndustrial ethernet interfacesMachines have access to internetWeb services
    Category 3: Company wide networking with the production
    No networking of production with other business unitsInformation exchange via mail/telecommunicationUniform data formats and rules for data exchangeUniform data formats and interdivisionally linked data serversInterdivisional, fully networked IT solutions
    Category 4: ICT infrastructure in production
    Information exchange via mail/telecommunicationCentral data servers in productionInternet-based portals with data sharingAutomated information exchangeSuppliers /customers are fully integrated into the process design ICT infrastructure in production
    Category 5: Machine interfaces
    No information exchange between user and machineUse of local user interfacesCentralized /decentralized production monitoring/controlUse of mobile user interfacesAugmented and assisted reality
    Category 6: Efficiency with small batches
    Rigid production systems and a small proportion of identical partsUse of flexible production systems and identical partsFlexible production systems and modular designs for the productsComponent-driven, flexible production of modular products within the companyComponent-driven, modular production in value-adding / Efficiency with small batches

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